Agent, Map, Weapons, Abilities, Movement, Pathing. Learn more on how to effectively play Breach on the Split map.

Breach Overview

Breach is an Initiator agent with a focus on crowd control and area denial. His abilities are designed to stun and disorient enemies, allowing his team to push or defend with an advantage. He excels in breaking through enemy defenses and creating chaos on the battlefield.

Split Overview

Split is a vertical map with two bombsites, A and B, connected by a central area called Mid. It features tight corridors, narrow chokepoints, and elevated positions. The verticality of the map offers opportunities for Breach to utilize his abilities to disrupt enemies on multiple levels.

Breach Recommended Weapons

Breach’s playstyle on Split benefits from versatile weapons that can handle both close-quarters combat and long-range engagements. Consider using the Phantom or Vandal for their accuracy and damage output. Additionally, a sidearm like the Classic or a shotgun for close encounters can be valuable for Breach’s aggressive pushes.

Breach Abilities on Split

Q – Aftershock: Use Aftershock to clear common hiding spots and force enemies out of cover on bombsites or in tight corners.

E – Flashpoint: Flashpoint can be used to blind enemies holding defensive positions or to clear out enemy-controlled areas during a push.

C – Fault Line: Fault Line is excellent for stunning enemies in chokepoints or around corners, providing an opening for your team to push forward or secure a site.

X – Rolling Thunder: Breach’s ultimate ability, Rolling Thunder, can be a game-changer on Split. It covers a large area and can be used to initiate team pushes or clear out defenders on a bombsite.

Breach Movement and Pathing on Split

As Breach, take advantage of Split’s verticality to use Fault Line and Rolling Thunder effectively. Coordinate with your team to execute well-timed pushes and use Aftershock and Flashpoint to create space and disrupt enemy positions. Be mindful of the tight spaces on the map and utilize Rolling Thunder in open areas where it can have maximum impact.


Breach’s playstyle on Split revolves around disrupting enemy defenses and creating opportunities for his team to secure victory. With precise timing and coordination, his abilities can turn the tide of a match and give his team a significant advantage. Mastering his crowd control and area denial tactics will make Breach a formidable force on Split.

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