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Grow and mobilize your audience by giving them fresh content with serious or funny challenges you can create for free in Challenger Project! Engage your viewers and get more eyes on your stream:-) The opportunity is real – challenges encourage continuous and repeat game play as players compete to earn status and rewards.


How it works


Create a challenge

Tap into players’ competitive nature and desire to win. Create serious or fun challenges for your audience. For example, set a goal to max assists on Zed Support in next 10 games and encourage your viewers to share their highlights from those matches. Sounds like fun


Engage your fans

Initiate multiday challenges to mobilize your audience. You can customize your tournaments in order for them to stand out. Offer some rewards and prizes, both virtual and real to engage your viewers even more. Want more thrills? Create paid challenges and let your viewers make some money. You can organize brand sponsored competitions too!


Organize regular community battles

Create team tournaments and challenge fans of other streamers. This will not only fulfill your fans desire for social competition but also help you to scale your audience.


Invite your viewers

You can decide if your challenge is open or private. Share a unique link with your viewers to invite them to the challenge. Creating a community with competitive game play through our platform enables your fans to connect and play together, creating the kind of community that keeps them loyal.


Warm up the competition

Check the leaderboard and show it on your stream. Use the ongoing challenge to amuse your viewers and heat up the competition. Get your audience excited!


Announce results

Create an awesome experience for your viewers while announcing the results. You can use this moment to make a giveaway or just congratulate winners on your live stream!

Create next challenges

Don’t stop on the first challenge. Include it in your routine. Kick off regular competitions! Doesn’t a weekly challenge sound good?

Join our community and grow faster!

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Challenges module is free to use.
Neither trials nor credit cards required.

It’s absolutely free for you and your viewers!