AI empowered Statistics

Game stats with AI empowered tips to improve game skills. AI calculated game meta providing the most effective, relevant and individual recommendations.

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Competetive gaming

Customized challenges for casual players who want to compete with friends and other players. Tournaments for players with virtual or real prizes.

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Social space

Dedicated chatrooms and virtual esports teams! Community and relationships created around games but going beyond gaming.

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Players holistic development

Gamification of healthy habits supporting players well-being and holistic development.

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For every player

Currently our library of available games consists of League of Legends, we’re working on adding new game titles

_Our motto

Our online esports and skill-based gaming platform provides tools for:


Gamers to improve their skills, compete, develop relationships and get discovered.


Streamers to get new viewers, keep them engaged and monetize it.

_Tournament organizers

Tournaments organizers to create customized tournaments that build community around games and monetize these events.

_Tournament sponsors

Tournaments sponsors to advertise their business at our platform and put their brand on display for the target market.

_Game publishers

Game publishers to integrate their game to Challenger Project, benefit from its features and realize the full potential of their game.

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