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We invite you to our platform for players, streamers,
esports organizations and esports tournament organizers.


The opportunity is real – challenges encourage continuous and repeat game play as players compete to earn status and rewards. Create community around games and monetize it. Organize or sponsor the fun, fair and challenging skill-based competitive gaming.

What you can do


Organize a tournament

Tap into players’ competitive nature and desire to win. Create serious or funny challenges for players. Organize customized tournaments that create community around games so that you can monetize it. Challenger Project provides you with all the necessary tools.


Become a tournament sponsor

Become a tournament sponsor and advertise your business at our platform. There are lots of sponsorship opportunities that your brand can benefit from. You can customize your tournaments in order for them to stand out. We’ll support you in putting your brand on display for your target market.


Integrate your game

Integrate your game to Challenger Project to benefit from its features. Build on our platform and realize the full potential of your game. Don’t miss the opportunity to join our platform!

We’d love to work with you.

For all business enquiries, please contact us by email: