Build, runes, synergies, counters, lore. Lee Sin is a versatile jungler in League of Legends known for his exceptional mobility, strong early game presence, and high skill ceiling.

General Description

Lee Sin is a blind monk who relies on his heightened senses and martial arts prowess to overcome his lack of sight. He excels at ganking lanes, disrupting enemy formations, and setting up plays with his crowd control abilities. Lee Sin’s passive, Flurry, grants him bonus attack speed after using his abilities, making him a formidable duelist. His ultimate, Dragon’s Rage, allows him to kick an enemy champion, knocking them back and dealing damage to their surrounding allies.

Lee Sin Build

Lee Sin typically builds items that enhance his attack damage, cooldown reduction, and survivability. Items like Eclipse and Sterak’s Gage are core to his build, providing him with burst damage and increased durability. Lee Sin can also consider items like Black Cleaver or Guardian Angel for additional damage and utility in team fights.

Lee Sin Runes

In the rune tree, Lee Sin often runs Conqueror as his keystone, increasing his damage output and sustain in extended fights. For secondary runes, he can choose Domination for burst damage or Resolve for increased tankiness. Runes like Triumph and Legend: Tenacity can further enhance his survivability and tenacity in fights.

Lee Sin Synergies

Lee Sin synergizes well with laners who can provide crowd control or follow up on his engages, such as Orianna or Renekton. He also pairs well with champions who can peel for him and protect him in team fights, like Lulu or Thresh. Lee Sin’s ability to kick priority targets into his team creates opportunities for his allies to secure kills and objectives.


Lee Sin can struggle against champions who can out-duel him in the early game or disrupt his combos, such as Graves or Trundle. Additionally, champions with strong crowd control and burst damage, like Syndra or Elise, can pose a threat to Lee Sin. Proper warding and map awareness are crucial for Lee Sin to make informed decisions and avoid falling behind in the jungle.


Lee Sin is a blind monk from Ionia who follows the path of balance and enlightenment. Once a skilled martial artist and Ionian warrior, Lee Sin lost his sight during a tragic accident. Despite his blindness, Lee Sin honed his remaining senses and trained under the guidance of the Summoners, harnessing the power of ki and sound to navigate the world. He now seeks inner peace and redemption, protecting the innocent and battling evil forces in the name of justice.
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