Agent, Map, Weapons, Abilities, Movement, Pathing. Control the battlefield with poisonous precision as Viper on the Split map.

Viper Overview

Viper is a strategic Controller known for manipulating the battlefield with her poisonous abilities. Her kit excels in area denial and zoning, making her a formidable presence in any match.

Split Overview

Split is a vertical map with two bombsites, A and B, connected by the central area known as Mid. It features narrow chokepoints, tight corridors, and elevated positions. Viper’s abilities shine on Split, allowing her to control key areas and deny access to the enemy team.

Viper Recommended Weapons

When playing Viper on Split, consider equipping weapons that complement her playstyle, which focuses on controlling space and engagements. The Vandal or Phantom are solid choices for their versatility in various combat situations. Additionally, a sidearm like the Classic can prove useful in close-quarter encounters or when you need to conserve ammo.

Viper Abilities on Split

Q – Poison Cloud: Poison Cloud is a versatile tool for area denial. Use it to block sightlines, deter enemy advances, or force opponents out of cover. Experiment with different lineups to maximize its effectiveness on Split’s key chokepoints.

E – Toxic Screen: Toxic Screen is essential for controlling Mid and bombsite entrances. Learn the best placements to obscure vision and provide your team with safe passage or advantageous sightlines.

C – Snake Bite: Snake Bite is a powerful damage-dealing ability that can flush out enemies from tight spots or discourage them from pushing forward. Use it strategically to weaken opponents and disrupt their plans.

X – Viper’s Pit: Viper’s ultimate, Viper’s Pit, is a game-changer. It creates a massive toxic zone that can make it nearly impossible for enemies to challenge you. Use it to secure bomb sites, retake control of areas, or force enemies into unfavorable positions.

Movement and Pathing

As Viper, prioritize controlling key areas of the map and providing support for your team. Use your Poison Cloud and Toxic Screen to create safe zones or disrupt enemy advances. Maintain map awareness and be ready to reposition to defend or attack as needed. Communication with your team is crucial for coordinating plays around your abilities.


Viper’s playstyle on Split revolves around strategic control and area denial. By mastering her poisonous arsenal and effectively zoning out opponents, Viper can turn the tide of the match in her team’s favor and lead them to victory.

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