Build, runes, synergies, counters, lore. Pantheon is a relentless warrior in League of Legends known for his early game dominance, high burst damage, and map presence.

General Description

Pantheon is a proud and disciplined warrior who excels at spearheading aggressive assaults. He is known for his early game strength, combining powerful poke and all-ins. Pantheon’s passive, Mortal Will, empowers his abilities after casting a certain number of basic attacks or spells. His ultimate, Grand Starfall, allows him to leap across the map and crash down on enemies, providing global presence.

Pantheon Build

Pantheon typically builds items that enhance his early game strength and lethality. Items like Eclipse and Youmuu’s Ghostblade are core to his build, providing him with increased burst damage and mobility. Pantheon can also consider items like Edge of Night or Guardian Angel for survivability in team fights.

Pantheon Runes

In the rune tree, Pantheon often runs Electrocute as his keystone, granting him burst damage for his combos. For secondary runes, he can choose Precision for bonus attack speed or Sorcery for additional poke and utility. Runes like Sudden Impact and Ultimate Hunter can further enhance his damage and ultimate cooldown.

Pantheon Synergies

Pantheon synergizes well with champions who can engage or follow up on his aggressive playstyle, such as Jarvan IV or Yasuo. He also pairs effectively with supports like Leona or Thresh who can set up kills and provide crowd control. Pantheon’s ability to roam with his ultimate makes him a valuable asset for map-wide pressure.


Pantheon can struggle against champions who can outscale him or disrupt his combos, such as Nasus or Malphite. Additionally, champions with strong sustain or mobility, like Vladimir or Fizz, can make it challenging for Pantheon to secure kills. Proper snowballing and map control are crucial for Pantheon to maintain his early game dominance.


Pantheon was once a mortal soldier named Atreus, who ascended to become a celestial Aspect of War. He now wields the power of the stars to protect Targon and its people. Pantheon embodies strength and determination, fighting to uphold justice and defend the realm from cosmic threats. His unwavering resolve and martial prowess make him a beacon of hope on the battlefield.
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