Abilities, Role, Tips and Tricks, Synergies, Counters, Lore. Sage is a versatile Support agent in “Valorant” who excels at healing and providing defensive utility to her team.

General Description

Sage’s abilities allow her to sustain her teammates by healing their health and reviving fallen allies, making her an essential agent for team survival and post-plant situations.

Sage Abilities

  • Q – Barrier Orb: Sage conjures a large ice barrier that can be placed to block enemy vision and movement. The barrier can be used strategically to deny access or create safe zones.
  • E – Healing Orb: Sage has the power to heal herself or her teammates. The Healing Orb restores health over time, providing crucial sustain in battle.
  • C – Slow Orb: Sage throws an orb that detonates upon impact, creating a field that slows enemies caught within its radius. The Slow Orb can be used to control enemy movement and buy time for rotations.
  • X – Resurrection: Sage’s ultimate ability allows her to revive a fallen teammate, bringing them back into the fight. It can turn the tide of a round and provide a significant advantage to her team.

Sage Role

Sage is a Support agent responsible for healing and providing defensive utility to her team. Her abilities allow her to sustain her teammates, delay enemy pushes, and turn the tide of battles with her resurrection ability.

Sage Tips and Tricks

  • Use Barrier Orb to block key sightlines, deny enemy access, or create safe zones for defusing the spike or holding positions.
  • Prioritize healing your teammates with Healing Orb when they are low on health to keep them in the fight and maintain a numerical advantage.
  • Slow Orb can be used to control enemy movement, delay pushes, or deny access to certain areas. Utilize it strategically to gain an advantage in engagements.
  • Save your Resurrection ultimate for crucial moments. It can change the outcome of a round by bringing back a fallen teammate and giving your team a numbers advantage.


Sage works well with agents who can create distractions or utility to complement her healing and defensive abilities. Agents like Brimstone or Viper can provide smokes or area denial, enhancing Sage’s ability to control the battlefield and protect her teammates.


Sage can be countered by agents who can bypass or nullify her defensive utility. Agents like Sova or Breach, with their abilities to clear out or bypass obstacles, can neutralize Sage’s barriers and limit her effectiveness. Additionally, agents with burst damage like Raze or Phoenix can quickly eliminate Sage before she has a chance to use her healing abilities.


Sage is a mysterious agent who hails from China. She possesses ancient and mystical powers that grant her the ability to manipulate the essence of life. With her deep connection to nature and her unwavering dedication to protecting others, Sage joined the VALORANT Protocol to ensure the safety and well-being of her teammates. While her past remains shrouded in mystery, her presence on the battlefield is undeniable, as she uses her healing abilities and defensive utility to turn the tide of battles and guide her team to victory.

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