Build, runes, synergies, counters, lore. Jinx is a high-octane, hypercarry marksman in League of Legends known for her explosive damage, chaotic playstyle, and relentless pursuit of destruction.

General Description

Jinx is a champion fueled by chaos and mayhem, embracing a reckless and aggressive playstyle. She excels at dealing massive area-of-effect damage and quickly shredding through enemies with her minigun and rocket launcher. Jinx’s passive, Get Excited!, grants her increased movement speed and attack speed whenever she participates in a takedown, allowing her to snowball fights and wreak havoc on the battlefield. Her ultimate ability, Super Mega Death Rocket!, can turn the tide of team fights with its global range and devastating explosion.

Jinx Build

Jinx typically builds items that enhance her attack damage, attack speed, and critical strike chance. Core items like Infinity Edge and Runaan’s Hurricane provide her with increased damage output and the ability to hit multiple targets. Jinx can also consider items like Bloodthirster or Guardian Angel for additional sustain and survivability in team fights.

Jinx Runes

In the rune tree, Jinx often runs Lethal Tempo as her keystone, which grants her increased attack speed during extended fights. She can also choose Press the Attack for increased burst damage or Fleet Footwork for sustain and mobility. In the secondary tree, Precision with Overheal and Legend: Alacrity can provide additional sustain and attack speed.

Jinx Synergies

Jinx synergizes well with champions who can provide crowd control or engage, enabling her to unleash her massive AoE damage. Champions like Leona or Nautilus, with their crowd control abilities, can lock down enemies and set up Jinx for devastating team fights. She also pairs well with champions who can provide shields or buffs, such as Lulu or Nami, enhancing her survivability and damage potential.


Jinx can be vulnerable to champions who can dive onto her and burst her down quickly. Assassins like Zed or Talon, with their high burst damage and mobility, can pose a significant threat to Jinx’s fragile nature. Additionally, champions with long-range engage or crowd control, such as Ashe or Morgana, can make it difficult for Jinx to position herself safely and output damage.


Jinx, the Loose Cannon, is an unpredictable and chaotic criminal from Zaun. With a love for explosives and chaos, Jinx revels in sowing destruction wherever she goes. She is a symbol of chaos and rebellion, challenging the status quo and leaving a trail of chaos and explosions in her wake. Jinx’s unyielding pursuit of mayhem has made her a feared and legendary figure in the criminal underworld.
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