Abilities, Role, Tips and Tricks, Synergies, Counters, Lore. Reyna is a self-sustaining Duelist agent in “Valorant” who thrives on eliminating enemies and taking control of the battlefield.

General Description

Reyna is a powerful and aggressive Duelist agent who excels at securing kills and snowballing rounds. Her unique abilities allow her to heal herself and become invulnerable, making her a formidable force in any engagement.

Reyna Abilities

  • Q – Leer: Reyna throws an ethereal eye-like projectile called Leer that, upon landing, temporarily blinds the vision of enemies within its line of sight. Blinded enemies become vulnerable and easier to eliminate.
  • E – Devour/Soul Harvest: Devour allows Reyna to consume the soul orbs left behind by eliminated enemies, quickly regenerating her health. Soul Harvest, her ability in her ultimate form, enables her to collect orbs from fallen enemies, resetting the duration of her ultimate ability.
  • C – Dismiss/Leer: Reyna becomes momentarily invulnerable with Dismiss, rendering her impervious to damage. In her ultimate form, she can use Leer to throw multiple orbs that burst into blinding flashes upon impacting a surface or enemy.
  • X – Empress: Reyna’s ultimate ability, Empress, allows her to enter a heightened state of power. She gains increased fire rate, reload speed, and the duration of her abilities is significantly reduced. Additionally, she can use Devour to collect orbs from eliminated enemies.

Reyna Role

Reyna is a Duelist agent focused on aggressive play and securing kills. Her abilities grant her the ability to sustain herself in combat and become a relentless force on the battlefield. She excels in entry fragging, disrupting enemy lines, and taking control of crucial areas.

Reyna Tips and Tricks

  • Use Leer strategically to blind enemies and gain an advantage in duels. Combine it with peeking around corners or when enemies are vulnerable to secure kills.
  • Devour orbs with Devour to quickly regenerate health after securing a kill. Use Soul Harvest in your ultimate form to extend the duration and maximize the benefits of Empress.
  • Dismiss can save your life in intense situations. Activate it when you’re low on health or about to be overwhelmed to become invulnerable and reposition or escape safely.
  • Empress is a powerful ultimate that enhances all of Reyna’s abilities. Use it to push aggressively, eliminate multiple enemies, and assert dominance over the battlefield.

Reyna Synergies

Reyna synergizes well with supportive agents who can provide healing or utility. Agents like Sage or Brimstone can complement her aggressive playstyle and ensure she stays topped up on health during engagements. Additionally, agents with crowd control abilities like Breach or Omen can help set up opportunities for Reyna to secure kills.


Reyna can be countered by agents who can deny her kills or disrupt her abilities. Agents like Cypher or Killjoy, with their ability to reveal or disable enemies, can hinder Reyna’s aggressive playstyle and limit her effectiveness. Additionally, agents with long-range and precision weapons like Operator wielders or Agents like Viper who can create barriers can make it difficult for Reyna to close the gap and secure kills.


Reyna, known as the 11th Agent to join the VALORANT Protocol, is a fierce and enigmatic force from Mexico. Her unmatched skills and cold-blooded nature make her a formidable adversary on the battlefield. With her Radiant powers, she harnesses an untamed energy that allows her to eliminate anyone who dares to stand against her. Little is known about Reyna’s origins and her motives for joining the VALORANT Protocol, but one thing is clear – she leaves a trail of destruction in her wake as she seeks to assert her dominance.

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