Build, runes, synergies, counters, lore. Jayce is a versatile top-lane champion in League of Legends known for his ranged poke, burst damage, and ability to switch between ranged and melee forms.

General Description

Jayce is a combination of a marksman and a melee bruiser, making him a threat at both short and long range. In his ranged form, he excels at poking down enemies with his accelerated shock blasts and dealing sustained damage. In his melee form, he becomes a formidable duelist with powerful melee attacks and crowd control. Jayce’s flexibility allows him to adapt to different situations and playstyles, making him a popular pick for players who enjoy versatility.

Jayce Build

Jayce typically builds items that enhance his attack damage, armor penetration, and cooldown reduction. Core items like Essence Reaver and Youmuu’s Ghostblade provide him with increased damage output and mobility. Jayce can also consider items like Guardian Angel or Sterak’s Gage for additional survivability in team fights.

Jayce Runes

In the rune tree, Jayce often runs Electrocute as his keystone, which synergizes with his burst combo and provides bonus damage. He can also choose Conqueror for extended fights or Phase Rush for increased mobility and kiting potential. In the secondary tree, Precision with Triumph and Legend: Tenacity can provide additional sustain and crowd control reduction.

Jayce Synergies

Jayce synergizes well with champions who can provide crowd control or engage, enabling him to follow up with his burst damage. Champions like Sejuani or Zac, with their initiation abilities, can set up opportunities for Jayce to unleash his full combo. He also pairs well with champions who can provide shields or buffs, such as Lulu or Karma, enhancing his survivability and damage potential.


Jayce can struggle against champions who can effectively engage on him and disrupt his poke. Champions like Riven or Camille, with their mobility and gap-closing abilities, can make it difficult for Jayce to keep his distance and poke safely. Additionally, champions with strong sustain or shields, such as Vladimir or Malphite, can mitigate his burst damage and outlast him in extended trades.


Jayce, the Defender of Tomorrow, is a brilliant inventor and a symbol of Piltover’s innovative spirit. Armed with his Mercury Hammer and his Transforming Acceleration Gate, Jayce fights to protect Piltover from the dangers that threaten the city. He seeks to uphold justice and advance the progress of technology, using his inventions to shape a better future for his homeland.
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