Abilities, Role, Tips and Tricks, Synergies, Counters, Lore. Phoenix is a Duelist agent in “Valorant” who brings fire and self-sustainability to the battlefield.

General Description

His abilities are designed to engage enemies aggressively and sustain himself through battle, making him a formidable duelist and entry fragger.

Phoenix Abilities

  • Q – Blaze: Throws a fireball that creates a damaging zone on impact, damaging enemies and healing Phoenix when standing in the zone.
  • E – Curveball: Throws a flare that curves through the air and blinds enemies who are looking at it.
  • C – Hot Hands: Unleashes a fireball that explodes upon impact, damaging enemies and creating a healing zone for Phoenix.
  • X – Run It Back: His ultimate ability allows him to mark his current location. If he dies during the ability’s duration, he will respawn back at the marked location with full health.

Phoenix Role

Phoenix is a Duelist agent who excels at aggressive plays and entry fragging. His abilities allow him to create chaos, sustain himself through fights, and gain the upper hand in one-on-one engagements.

Phoenix Tips and Tricks

  • Use Blaze to control areas, block enemy sightlines, or heal yourself when low on health. Combine it with Hot Hands for additional area denial and sustain.
  • Master the curve of Curveball to blind enemies and gain the advantage in fights. Use it to peek corners or initiate engagements with a temporary vision advantage.
  • Deploy Hot Hands strategically to damage enemies or create healing zones for yourself and teammates. Use it to hold chokepoints or recover health after engaging enemies.
  • With Run It Back, take aggressive positions and push enemy lines confidently. Coordinate with your team to make the most of your revived presence and catch opponents off guard.


Phoenix synergizes well with agents who can provide supportive abilities or cover his aggressive pushes. Agents like Sage or Brimstone, who can heal or provide smokes for him, can enhance Phoenix’s effectiveness on the battlefield.


Phoenix can be countered by agents who can deny or avoid his fire-based abilities. Agents like Raze or Jett, with their mobility and evasive maneuvers, can make it challenging for Phoenix to land his damaging abilities effectively.


Phoenix, also known as Agenor, is a British-born fighter with an intense passion for fire and combat. He possesses the ability to manipulate and summon flames, which has earned him a reputation as a hot-headed warrior.

After being scouted by the Valorant Protocol, Phoenix joined their ranks, eager to test his skills in the ultimate battleground. He seeks to prove himself as a force to be reckoned with, blazing through enemy lines and leaving a trail of destruction in his wake.

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