Build, runes, synergies, counters, lore. Jarvan IV is a versatile jungler in League of Legends known for his strong initiation and crowd control abilities.

General Description

Jarvan IV is a melee bruiser who excels at engaging fights and locking down priority targets. With his flag and lance, he can create zones of control and disrupt enemy formations. Jarvan IV’s versatility allows him to be effective in both offensive and defensive situations, making him a valuable asset to any team composition.

Jarvan IV Build

Jarvan IV typically builds items that enhance his durability and damage potential. Core items like Black Cleaver and Sterak’s Gage provide him with increased attack damage and survivability. Jarvan IV can also consider items like Guardian Angel or Thornmail for additional tankiness and utility in team fights.

Jarvan IV Runes

In the rune tree, Jarvan IV often runs Conqueror as his keystone, which synergizes with his extended engagements and allows him to deal increased damage. He can also choose Electrocute for burst damage or Aftershock for extra survivability during engages. In the secondary tree, Precision with Triumph and Legend: Tenacity can provide additional sustain and crowd control reduction.

Jarvan IV Synergies

Jarvan IV synergizes well with champions who can follow up on his initiations and take advantage of his crowd control. Champions with strong AoE damage or area control like Orianna or Miss Fortune can maximize the impact of Jarvan IV’s ultimate, Cataclysm. He also pairs well with champions who can provide additional crowd control and follow-up engage, such as Leona or Yasuo.


Jarvan IV can struggle against champions who have strong disengage or can easily escape from his engage attempts. Champions like Ezreal or Tristana, with their mobility and dashes, can make it challenging for Jarvan IV to pin them down. Additionally, champions who can disrupt his combo or reduce his effectiveness in team fights, such as Lulu or Janna, can pose a significant challenge.


Jarvan IV, also known as the Exemplar of Demacia, is the crown prince of the kingdom of Demacia. He comes from a long line of noble warriors and embodies the ideals of justice, honor, and duty. Jarvan IV wields his family’s legendary weapon, the Demacian standard, and is a symbol of strength and leadership for his people. He seeks to protect Demacia from all threats and is unwavering in his commitment to justice.
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