Agent, Map, Weapons, Abilities, Movement, Pathing. Embody the fiery spirit and lead your team to victory with Phoenix on the Split map.

Phoenix Overview

Phoenix is a Duelist agent known for his self-sustainability and aggressive playstyle. With the ability to heal himself and control fire, he excels at initiating fights and turning the tide in his team’s favor.

Split Overview

Split is a vertical map with two bombsites, A and B, connected by a central area called Mid. It features tight corridors, narrow chokepoints, and elevated positions. For Phoenix, Split’s close-quarter combat and abundance of corners provide ample opportunities to utilize his self-healing and initiate powerful pushes.

Phoenix Recommended Weapons

Phoenix’s playstyle on Split benefits from versatile weapons that can handle both close-range skirmishes and long-range engagements. Consider using the Ghost or Frenzy for economical rounds and quick engagements. As for primary weapons, the Phantom or Operator can provide the firepower and precision needed to secure kills and lead your team to victory.

Phoenix Abilities on Split

Q – Blaze: Master Blaze to create barriers of fire, denying vision and area control to the enemy team. Use it to block sightlines and force enemies out of advantageous positions.

E – Curveball: Curveball is a powerful flash ability that allows Phoenix to blind enemies. Use it to gain the upper hand in duels or to initiate aggressive pushes with your team.

C – Hot Hands: Hot Hands is a vital ability for self-sustainability. Use it to heal yourself or your teammates when taking damage, allowing you to stay in the fight longer and create more impactful plays.

X – Run It Back: Phoenix’s ultimate ability, Run It Back, grants him the ability to respawn after a brief period. Use it to gather intel on enemy positions or make bold pushes without fear of losing your life.

Movement and Pathing

As Phoenix, embrace your role as a front-liner and lead your team into battle. Utilize Blaze and Curveball to create space for your team and initiate aggressive pushes. Be confident in your engagements, and use Hot Hands wisely to heal and prolong your life in skirmishes.


Phoenix’s playstyle on Split revolves around his fiery abilities and aggressive mindset. By mastering his self-sustainability and initiating fights with confidence, Phoenix can become a dominant force on the battlefield and secure victory for his team.

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