Build, runes, synergies, counters, lore. Master Yi is a deadly melee carry in League of Legends known for his high damage output and fast-paced playstyle.

General Description

Master Yi is a skilled Wuju swordsman who excels at quickly eliminating his enemies. He is a hyper carry, capable of shredding through opponents with his basic attacks and Alpha Strike ability. Master Yi’s passive, Double Strike, allows him to strike twice every few attacks, increasing his damage output. His ultimate, Highlander, grants him increased attack speed and movement speed, making him a formidable duelist and team fighter.

Master Yi Build

Master Yi typically builds items that enhance his attack speed, attack damage, and survivability. Items like Kraken Slayer and Sterak’s Gage are core to his build, providing him with increased damage and durability. Master Yi can also consider items like Guardian Angel or Blade of the Ruined King for additional survivability or lifesteal.

Master Yi Runes

In the rune tree, Master Yi often runs Lethal Tempo as his keystone, granting him increased attack speed when engaging in extended fights. For secondary runes, he can choose Precision for additional damage and scaling or Domination for burst damage and healing. Runes like Triumph and Ravenous Hunter can further enhance his sustain and survivability.

Master Yi Synergies

Master Yi synergizes well with champions who can provide crowd control or engage, such as Amumu or Leona. He also pairs well with champions who can buff his attack speed or protect him in team fights, like Lulu or Janna. Master Yi’s ability to clean up fights and secure objectives makes him a valuable asset for skirmish and split-push team compositions.


Master Yi can struggle against champions who can burst him down quickly or apply hard crowd control, such as Annie or Malzahar. Additionally, champions with strong kiting and disengage abilities, like Vayne or Nami, can make it challenging for Master Yi to stick to his targets. Proper timing of his Alpha Strike and Highlander is crucial for Master Yi to avoid enemy crowd control and maximize his damage output.


Master Yi is a practitioner of Wuju, an ancient martial art of Ionia. He is the last living master of the art, having honed his skills through years of training and meditation. Master Yi is a wanderer, seeking enlightenment and peace in the wake of a past tragedy. He roams the land, using his abilities to defend the innocent and preserve the teachings of Wuju. Despite his formidable skills, Master Yi remains humble and strives to maintain the balance between power and responsibility.
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