Hey, champions!  Join our new challenge “Ascending of the Champion”, organized especially for our Discord Community. 


The goal of this challenge is to achieve the maximum number of eliminations per minute at any line using any champion in 5 SoloQ matches. The top 15 players will be awarded cash prizes. 


How can you join the challenge? 


  1. Go to https://challengerproject.gg 
  2. Register a new Challenger Project account or log in to the existing one because you can’t join the challenge unless logged in. 
  3. Connect it with your League of Legends game account, if you have not done it yet.
  4. Follow the link https://challengerproject.gg/challenges/91. Click the “Join” button to join the challenge. 
  5. Go to the Challenger Project Community server at Discord using the following link https://discord.gg/t8e6nDd7rq and join our server, if you’re not a member yet.  Write your Game Account Name on the text channel “ascending-of-the-champion” for verification purposes.  We will inform you about the result of the verification via a private message on the Discord server. If the account verification is successful, you can enjoy the game!


📝 Here are the challenge details:


Goal: Maximum number of eliminations per minute, no limits 🙂

Dates: From 20.07.2022 15:00 CET to 27.07.2022 15:00 CET

Required number of games: 5

Positions: any line you wish

Champions: any of your favorite champions

Queue: SoloQ

The official announcement of the winners after the end of the event at our Discord channel ➡️ LINK

💰 Prizes: 1st – 15th place = 50 PLN each




Tournament Rules in English​​

Tournament Rules in Polish

Discord event channel


Good luck and have a lot of fun!


Join our server if you have any questions related to the event or if you just want to talk about League of Legends

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