Build, runes, synergies, counters, lore. Lucian is a high-paced marksman in League of Legends known for his dual-wielding guns, high mobility, and burst damage.

General Description

Lucian is a vengeful gunslinger seeking to avenge his wife’s murder at the hands of Thresh, the Chain Warden. He excels at dishing out sustained damage and kiting enemies with his mobility. Lucian’s passive, Lightslinger, allows him to fire a second shot after using an ability, increasing his overall damage output. His ultimate, The Culling, unleashes a barrage of bullets, dealing massive damage to enemies in its path.

Lucian Build

Lucian typically builds items that enhance his attack damage, attack speed, and mobility. Items like Kraken Slayer and Essence Reaver are core to his build, providing him with increased damage and cooldown reduction. Lucian can also consider items like Rapid Firecannon or Guardian Angel for additional range or survivability.

Lucian Runes

In the rune tree, Lucian often runs Press the Attack as his keystone, increasing his damage output against targets he hits multiple times. For secondary runes, he can choose Precision for additional attack speed and damage or Sorcery for utility and scaling. Runes like Legend: Bloodline and Nimbus Cloak can further enhance his sustain and mobility in fights.

Lucian Synergies

Lucian synergizes well with supports who can provide crowd control or follow up on his aggressive plays, such as Leona or Thresh. He also pairs well with champions who can peel for him and protect him in team fights, like Lulu or Janna. Lucian’s ability to burst down enemies quickly and kite in fights makes him a strong partner for engage-focused team compositions.


Lucian can struggle against champions who can outrange or burst him down quickly, such as Caitlyn or Syndra. Additionally, champions with strong crowd control and lockdown, like Nautilus or Malzahar, can make it difficult for Lucian to freely move and deal damage in team fights. Proper positioning and utilization of his dash are essential for Lucian to outplay his opponents and maximize his damage output.


Lucian is a deadly marksman from Demacia, who was once a Sentinel of Light alongside his wife, Senna. Tragedy struck when Senna was consumed by Thresh’s dark powers, transforming her into a cursed specter. Fueled by grief and determination, Lucian took up arms and vowed to eradicate the darkness from Runeterra. He now wages a relentless war against the Shadow Isles, seeking vengeance for his lost love and freeing souls trapped by the Black Mist.
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