Agent, Map, Weapons, Abilities, Movement, Pathing. Uncover the secrets of effective playstyle with Cypher on the Split map.

Cypher Overview

Cypher is a Sentinel agent specializing in information gathering and surveillance. His abilities allow him to set up an intricate web of traps and cameras, giving his team valuable vision and control over enemy movements.

Split Overview

Split is a vertical map with two bombsites, A and B, connected by a central area called Mid. It features tight corridors, narrow chokepoints, and elevated positions. For Cypher, Split’s layout offers numerous spots to place his traps and cameras, making it challenging for the enemy team to execute their strategies undetected.

Cypher Recommended Weapons

Cypher’s playstyle on Split benefits from weapons that suit his role as an intel gatherer and support agent. Consider using the Ghost or Stinger as sidearms, providing versatility in close to medium-range encounters. As for the primary weapon, opt for the Bulldog or Guardian, which offer precise shots and cost efficiency for a supportive playstyle.

Cypher Abilities on Split

Cyber Cage: Use Cyber Cage to create obstacles that slow down enemy advances and give your team time to rotate or react to enemy pushes. Combine it with camera intel to gain the upper hand during engagements.

E – Trapwire: Set up Trapwires on crucial chokepoints and pathways to gather valuable information and detect enemy movements. This will give your team a significant advantage in predicting and countering enemy strategies.

C – Spycam: Master the placement of your Spycam to cover vital areas and gain crucial intel on enemy positions. Combine it with Trapwires or Cyber Cage to make informed decisions for your team.

X – Neural Theft: Cypher’s ultimate ability, Neural Theft, can be a game-changer in gathering information. Use it strategically to reveal enemy positions and disrupt their plans during critical rounds.

Movement and Pathing

As Cypher, prioritize positioning and map control. Use your cameras to scout enemy movements and gather information without putting yourself at risk. Be proactive in deploying your Trapwires to secure vital areas and slow down enemy advances. Coordinate with your team to provide valuable intel and capitalize on the information gained through your surveillance network.


Cypher’s playstyle on Split revolves around being the eyes and ears of the team, providing essential information and control over the map. By mastering the placement of his traps and cameras and coordinating with the team, Cypher can significantly impact the outcome of the match and become a vital asset in securing victory.

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