Abilities, Role, Tips and Tricks, Synergies, Counters, Lore. Chamber is a duelist agent in “Valorant” who excels at closing the gap to engage enemies and quickly eliminate them with her high damage output.

General Description

She also has utility abilities to slow and stun enemies, as well as a mobility ability to disorient and surprise them.

Chamber Abilities

  • Q – Paranoia: Blind enemies in a large cone in front of her for several seconds.
  • E – Go In: Quickly dashes a short distance in the direction she is moving, allowing her to traverse the map and surprise enemies.
  • C – Flash Out: Tosses a blinding flash grenade that stuns enemies and slows them for a short duration.
  • X – Finisher: Her ultimate ability allows her to teleport a short distance and instantly kill any enemy she damages with it. It has a very short range, but can be used to quickly take out isolated targets.

Chamber Role

Chamber is a duelist agent who specializes in close-range combat and flanking. Her abilities allow her to surprise enemies and quickly take them out, making her an effective attacker or defender.

Tips and Tricks

  • Use Paranoia to blind enemies and then quickly engage them with Go In to catch them off guard.
  • Use Flash Out to stun and slow enemies, allowing you to quickly eliminate them with your weapons.
  • Use Go In to escape dangerous situations or to flank enemies from unexpected angles.
  • Use Finisher to quickly take out isolated targets or to finish off enemies you have weakened.


Chamber works well with agents who can provide additional crowd control or utility, such as Sage or Sova. She also pairs well with agents who can protect her and cover her weaknesses, such as Killjoy or Cypher.


Chamber can struggle against enemies who can keep their distance and pick her off, such as Jett or Viper. To counter her, it is important to stay out of her range and use abilities to disrupt her mobility and eliminate her quickly.


Chamber is a mysterious figure in the world of “Valorant,” with little known about her past or her motivations. She is rumored to have ties to a secretive organization known as the Chamber, and is feared and respected by her fellow agents for her skills in combat and espionage.

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