Abilities, Role, Tips and Tricks, Synergies, Counters, Lore. Yoru is a Duelist agent in “Valorant” who specializes in deception and teleportation, allowing him to outmaneuver and surprise his opponents on the battlefield.

General Description

Yoru’s abilities revolve around creating distractions, teleporting across the map, and catching enemies off-guard. With his deceptive techniques, he excels at flanking, gathering information, and creating chaos in the enemy lines.

Yoru Abilities

  • Q – Fakeout: Yoru equips an echo that mimics footsteps, creating audio distractions to deceive enemies and mislead their rotations.
  • E – Gatecrash: Yoru throws a tethered dimensional fragment that can be activated to teleport him to its location, enabling him to flank or escape dangerous situations.
  • C – Blindside: Yoru equips an unstable dimensional fragment that blinds enemies in its line of sight. It can be used aggressively to catch opponents off-guard or defensively to create space.
  • X – Dimensional Drift: Yoru’s ultimate ability allows him to enter a dimensional realm where he becomes invisible and invulnerable. From this state, he can move freely to gather information or reposition without being detected.

Yoru Role

Yoru is a Duelist agent known for his disruptive playstyle and ability to create chaos. His role is to infiltrate enemy lines, gather information, and eliminate key targets with his surprise attacks.

Yoru Tips and Tricks

  • Use Fakeout to create audio distractions and misdirect your enemies. Combine it with your movement to make it more convincing and catch opponents off-guard.
  • Master the art of teleportation with Gatecrash. Take advantage of its versatility to flank enemies, surprise them from unexpected angles, or escape sticky situations.
  • Employ Blindside tactically to blind enemies and gain an advantage in engagements. Use it aggressively during offensive pushes or defensively to create space and escape.
  • Make the most of Dimensional Drift to gather information and safely reposition. Use it to scout ahead, catch enemies off-guard, or safely rotate without being detected.


Yoru synergizes well with agents who can capitalize on the chaos and distractions he creates. Agents like Phoenix or Raze can follow up on his surprise attacks and secure kills, while controllers like Viper or Omen can provide additional cover and disrupt the enemy team’s rotations.


Yoru can be countered by agents who can detect his presence or deny his teleportation plays. Agents like Cypher or Killjoy, with their surveillance abilities, can track his movements and reveal his position. Additionally, agents with area denial or crowd control abilities, such as Brimstone or Sage, can limit his mobility and make it difficult for him to execute his deceptive tactics.


Yoru, known as Ryo Kiritani, hails from Japan and is a highly skilled Duelist. With his enigmatic and secretive nature, little is known about his past. Yoru joined the VALORANT Protocol to further his own agenda and utilize his unique abilities to gain an edge in battle. His mastery of deception, teleportation, and surprise attacks make him a formidable force on the battlefield, striking fear into the hearts of his enemies as he disrupts their strategies and leaves them guessing his next move.

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