Abilities, Role, Tips and Tricks, Synergies, Counters, Lore. Viper is a toxic-controller agent in “Valorant” who specializes in manipulating the battlefield with her poisonous abilities and denying enemy movement.

General Description

Viper’s abilities are centered around creating toxic zones that damage and impair enemy vision, making her a formidable agent for area denial and control. She thrives in isolating opponents and creating advantageous situations for her team.

Viper Abilities

  • Q – Snake Bite: Viper equips a chemical launcher that fires toxic projectiles, creating damaging pools of acid on impact. It can be used to block off pathways or force enemies out of cover.
  • E – Poison Cloud: Viper deploys a toxic cloud that lasts for a duration. The cloud can be reactivated to create a wall of toxic gas, obscuring vision and damaging enemies who pass through it.
  • C – Toxic Screen: Viper conjures a long line of toxic gas emitters, creating a wall of poison that can be activated to block vision and deter enemy movement.
  • X – Viper’s Pit: Viper’s ultimate ability allows her to create a large toxic area, amplifying her abilities and reducing the vision of enemies within it. It gives her heightened mobility and lethality.

Viper Role

Viper is a toxic-controller agent who excels in restricting enemy movement and controlling specific areas on the map. Her abilities enable her to create dangerous zones that force opponents to play on her terms.

Viper Tips and Tricks

  • Use Snake Bite to deny enemy access to certain areas or flush them out of hiding spots. Combine it with your other abilities for maximum effectiveness.
  • Deploy Poison Cloud strategically to block off sightlines or control specific areas of the map. Reveal your enemies’ positions and force them to move into disadvantageous positions.
  • Utilize Toxic Screen to create barriers that obscure vision and restrict enemy movement. Coordinate with your team to create advantageous angles and surprise your opponents.
  • Make the most of Viper’s Pit ultimate to dominate a specific area. Use it to gain map control, isolate enemies, and increase your lethality while reducing their visibility.


Viper synergizes well with agents who can take advantage of the areas she controls. Agents like Brimstone or Killjoy can complement her by further restricting enemy movement or providing additional utility for defense and control.


Viper can be countered by agents who can disrupt her toxic zones or render her abilities less effective. Agents like Jett or Phoenix, with their high mobility and ability to quickly reposition, can avoid her toxic damage and engage her from unexpected angles. Additionally, agents with abilities that can clear or disable her toxic zones, such as Sova or Cypher, can neutralize her area denial tactics.


Viper, whose real name is Sabine, is a former chemical warfare specialist who joined the VALORANT Protocol to gain access to cutting-edge technologies and seek redemption for her past. Her involvement in a toxic disaster left her physically altered and fueled her desire for control. Viper is driven by her quest for power and dominance, using her toxic arsenal to manipulate the battlefield and leave her enemies in a cloud of poison.

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