Agent, Map, Weapons, Abilities, Movement, Pathing. Manipulate the battlefield with toxic control as Viper on the Bind map.

Viper Overview

Viper is a strategic Controller specializing in area denial and toxic control. Her abilities create a hazardous environment for enemies, allowing her to shape the battlefield and control key areas with precision.

Bind Overview

Bind is a map with two bombsites, A and B, connected by teleporters. It features unique challenges with teleporter rooms, tight corridors, and open spaces. Viper’s abilities on Bind enable her to establish toxic zones and control crucial chokepoints.

ViperRecommended Weapons

When playing Viper on Bind, choose weapons that complement her strategic playstyle. The Vandal or Phantom can be effective choices, providing flexibility in various engagements. Consider a sidearm like the Shorty for close-quarters encounters or as a backup option.

Viper Abilities on Bind

Q – Snake Bite: Snake Bite is a projectile that explodes into a pool of acid. Use it to block enemy vision, deny access to key areas, or force opponents out of entrenched positions during critical moments.

E – Poison Cloud: Poison Cloud allows Viper to deploy a gas emitter that creates a toxic cloud. Use it to block sightlines, control chokepoints, or create safe passages for yourself and your team.

C – Toxic Screen: Toxic Screen is a deployable wall of gas emitters that can be used to block vision and control areas. Utilize it to cut off enemy sightlines, control map access, or create opportunities for strategic plays.

X – Viper’s Pit: Viper’s ultimate ability, Viper’s Pit, creates a massive toxic zone that provides her with enhanced abilities and obscures vision for enemies. Use it to control bombsites, disrupt enemy plans, and turn the tide of rounds in your favor.

Movement and Pathing

As Viper, focus on controlling key areas of the map with your toxic abilities. Use Poison Cloud and Toxic Screen strategically to create barriers and deny enemy vision. Coordinate with your team to capitalize on the disruption caused by your abilities and use Viper’s Pit to establish dominance on bombsites.


Viper’s playstyle on Bind revolves around toxic control and strategic manipulation. By mastering her toxic abilities and shaping the battlefield to her advantage, Viper can be the linchpin of a team’s success, controlling the pace of the game on the Bind map.

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