Abilities, Role, Tips and Tricks, Synergies, Counters, Lore. Sova is an Intel-gathering Initiator agent in “Valorant” who specializes in revealing enemy positions and providing valuable information to his team.

General Description

Sova’s abilities revolve around recon and scouting. He excels at gathering intel, revealing enemy locations, and disrupting enemy defenses with his arsenal of specialized arrows.

Sova Abilities

  • Q – Shock Bolt: Sova equips a bow that fires an explosive shock bolt. It can be used to deal damage to enemies or clear out corners by bursting upon impact.
  • E – Recon Bolt: Sova launches a recon bolt that reveals the location of enemies in its vicinity. It can be used to scout areas, gain valuable intel, and flush out opponents.
  • C – Owl Drone: Sova deploys an owl-shaped drone that can be remotely controlled. It can fly through the map, revealing enemy positions and tagging them for a short duration.
  • X – Hunter’s Fury: Sova’s ultimate ability equips him with a bow that launches three powerful blasts in a line, dealing damage to enemies and revealing their location. It can pierce through walls, making it an effective tool for clearing out areas or denying plant attempts.

Sova Role

Sova is an Intel-gathering Initiator agent responsible for gathering crucial information and revealing enemy positions. His abilities allow him to create opportunities for his team by scouting ahead and disrupting enemy setups.

Sova Tips and Tricks

  • Use Shock Bolt to clear out common hiding spots or deal damage to enemies. Master the timing and placement to catch opponents off-guard.
  • Strategically launch Recon Bolts to gain valuable intel on enemy positions. Aim for areas where opponents are likely to be or places that need to be cleared before advancing.
  • Deploy the Owl Drone to scout ahead and reveal enemy positions. Coordinate with your team to capitalize on the information and plan coordinated attacks.
  • Make use of Hunter’s Fury to deny plant attempts or flush out enemies. Its ability to pierce through walls can catch opponents by surprise and disrupt their strategies.


Sova synergizes well with agents who can capitalize on the information he provides and coordinate attacks. Agents like Breach or Phoenix can make use of Sova’s recon to initiate aggressive plays or execute well-coordinated flashes.


Sova can be countered by agents who can deny or avoid his recon abilities. Agents like Cypher or Killjoy, with their ability to deploy traps and surveillance tools, can hinder Sova’s scouting efforts. Additionally, agents with high mobility, such as Jett or Raze, can quickly evade his arrows and engage him from unexpected angles.


Sova, whose real name is Sasha Novikov, is a Russian agent with a mysterious past. A master of recon and intelligence gathering, he utilizes his expertise and cutting-edge technology to hunt down his enemies. Sova joined the VALORANT Protocol to uncover the truth behind the Radiant threat and avenge the ones he lost. With his keen eyes and cunning skills, he is an invaluable asset to the team, providing the vital information needed to outsmart and outmaneuver the enemy.

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