Agent, Map, Weapons, Abilities, Movement, Pathing. Explore the wild with Skye on the challenging Split map.

Skye Overview

Skye is a versatile Initiator and Support agent known for her ability to control the battlefield with her pack of wild creatures. She excels at gathering information, providing healing, and disrupting enemy positions, making her a valuable asset to any team.

Split Overview

Split is a vertical map that features two bombsites, A and B, connected by Mid. Its narrow chokepoints, elevated positions, and tight corridors create an ideal environment for Skye to use her abilities to control key areas and gain an advantage for her team.

Skye Weapons

Skye’s playstyle on Split benefits from weapons that allow her to engage enemies effectively while providing support. Consider using the Vandal or Phantom for their versatility and accuracy. Pair them with a sidearm like the Classic or Shorty for close encounters and quick switches.

Skye Abilities on Split

Q – Trailblazer: Deploy the Tasmanian tiger to scout areas and disrupt enemy positions. Use it to clear common hiding spots and gather information about enemy positions around bombsites.

E – Regrowth: Regrowth is a powerful healing ability that can keep your team in top condition. Use it strategically to heal wounded allies after engagements, ensuring their readiness for the next encounter.

C – Leer: Use the Seeker to blind and disorient enemies. Deploy it to clear tight spaces and chokepoints, creating opportunities for your team to push or defend.

X – Empress: Skye’s ultimate ability, Seekers, releases a trio of seekers that track and attach themselves to the three nearest enemies, providing valuable information about enemy positions. Use it to initiate or during crucial moments when you need to gather intel on enemy locations.

Movement and Pathing

As Skye, your movement should prioritize supporting your team. Stay close to your teammates and use Regrowth to keep them healthy. When moving across the map, consider using Trailblazer to scout ahead and Leer to blind enemies who may be lurking in key areas.


Skye’s playstyle on Split revolves around information gathering, healing, and disrupting enemy positions. By mastering her abilities and using them strategically to control areas and provide support, Skye can turn the tide of battles and lead her team to victory.

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