Build, runes, synergies, counters, lore. Shaco is a devious assassin in League of Legends known for his trickery, stealth, and ability to create chaos on the Rift.

General Description

Shaco is the Demon Jester, a mischievous and elusive champion who excels at ambushing enemies and causing confusion. He utilizes his hallucinatory abilities to outsmart opponents and strike from unexpected angles. Shaco’s passive, Backstab, allows him to deal bonus damage when attacking enemies from behind. His ultimate, Hallucinate, creates a clone of himself, adding to the chaos in team fights.

Shaco Build

Shaco typically builds items that enhance his burst damage, mobility, and survivability. Items like Duskblade of Draktharr and Eclipse are core to his build, providing increased lethality and burst. Shaco can also consider items like Guardian Angel or Edge of Night for additional survivability and utility.

Shaco Runes

In the rune tree, Shaco often takes Electrocute as his keystone, granting bonus burst damage. For secondary runes, he can choose Domination for increased lethality or Precision for additional attack speed. Runes like Sudden Impact and Eyeball Collection can further enhance his burst potential.

Shaco Synergies

Shaco synergizes well with laners who can provide crowd control or follow up on his engages, such as Lissandra or Malzahar. He also pairs effectively with junglers who have strong early-game presence or can invade the enemy jungle, like Elise or Lee Sin. Shaco’s ability to create chaos and disrupt enemy plans makes him a valuable asset for teams that want to control the map.


Shaco can struggle against champions with strong vision control or those who can reveal his stealth, such as Lee Sin or Lulu. Additionally, champions with reliable crowd control or burst damage, like Malzahar or Fiddlesticks, can be effective against Shaco’s hit-and-run tactics. Proper vision control and map awareness are crucial for Shaco to successfully execute his deceptive plays.


Shaco is a mysterious and malevolent being from the spirit realm, drawn to the chaos of the mortal world. He delights in sowing confusion and fear, reveling in the pandemonium he creates. Shaco’s true motives remain unknown, and his presence is a constant reminder that not everything is as it seems.
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