Build, runes, synergies, counters, lore. Senna is a versatile marksman support in League of Legends known for her long-range attacks, utility, and ability to transform fights with her global ultimate.

General Description

Senna is a former priestess turned elite marksman, armed with a relic cannon. She excels at providing utility to her team, dealing long-range damage, and turning the tide of battles with her ultimate. Senna’s passive, Dawning Shadow, enhances her basic attacks and grants bonus damage. Her ultimate, Dawning Shadow, fires a global beam that damages enemies and shields allies.

Senna Build

Senna typically builds items that enhance her attack damage, critical strike chance, and utility. Items like Kraken Slayer and Rapid Firecannon are core to her build, providing increased damage and range. Senna can also consider items like Mortal Reminder or Guardian Angel for additional utility and survivability.

Senna Runes

In the rune tree, Senna often takes Glacial Augment as her keystone, granting bonus crowd control on her attacks. For secondary runes, she can choose Precision for additional attack speed or Inspiration for increased utility. Runes like Presence of Mind and Legend: Bloodline can further enhance her mana sustain and lifesteal.

Senna Synergies

Senna synergizes well with supports who can provide crowd control or peel, such as Thresh or Nautilus. She also pairs effectively with ADCs who have strong late-game scaling or can engage fights, like Jhin or Ashe. Senna’s ability to poke enemies and provide utility makes her a valuable asset for teams that want to control the pace of the game.


Senna can struggle against champions with strong engage or those who can dive her, such as Katarina or Fizz. Additionally, champions with high burst damage or long-range poke, like Syndra or Lux, can pose a threat to Senna if not properly positioned. Proper awareness and positioning are crucial for Senna to maximize her impact in team fights.


Senna was once a humble priestess until she was transformed by the Black Mist. Now armed with a relic cannon, she battles to free the souls trapped within the Mist and protect Runeterra. Senna’s journey is one of resilience and determination as she faces the darkness head-on.
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