"New Season" challenge is over!



New Season challenge has ended! We thank all the participants of the contest for picking up the gauntlet!

Winners will receive an email with instructions on how to collect the prize by the end of the week.


Good luck during the new season and in the following tournaments! See you in orbit!


Congratulations to the winners of the Challenge!!!

Each of the top 3 players played a match on a different lane, with Filipniewyjdzie becoming the best summoner of the contest. He managed to reach 35 KDA with his ADC Veigar. Well done!

Final results

1 place (35€ PSC) – Filipniewyjdzie reaching 26/0/9 KDA with ADC Veigar
2 place (5€ PSC) – Harley ƒ Quinn reaching 21/1/11 KDA with Jungle Khazix
3 place (5€ PSC) – Loki reaching 7/0/24 KDA with Support Senna

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