Agent, Map, Weapons, Abilities, Movement, Pathing. Master the art of healing and support with Sage on the Split map.

Sage Overview

Sage is a versatile Support agent with healing abilities that can turn the tide of battles. She excels at keeping her team healthy and providing crowd control, making her a crucial asset in any team composition.

Split Overview

Split is a vertical map with two bombsites, A and B, connected by a central area called Mid. It features tight corridors, narrow chokepoints, and elevated positions. For Sage, Split’s close-quarter engagements and tight corners provide ample opportunities to heal and protect her teammates, ensuring their success in battles.

Sage Recommended Weapons

Sage’s playstyle on Split is enhanced with weapons that allow her to provide support from a distance and engage enemies effectively. Consider using the Guardian or Operator to take advantage of long sightlines and provide cover for your team. As a primary weapon, the Spectre or Phantom can offer the versatility needed to handle various engagements across the map.

Sage Abilities on Split

Q – Barrier Orb: Master Barrier Orb to create cover for your team and block enemy sightlines. Use it to protect your teammates as they advance toward bombsites or to fortify defensive positions.

E – Slow Orb: Slow Orb can be used to control chokepoints and limit enemy movement. Use it strategically to hinder enemy pushes or to buy time for your team to reposition or rotate.

C – Healing Orb: Healing Orb is your primary tool for supporting your teammates. Use it to heal injured allies and keep them in fighting shape during engagements.

X – Resurrection: Sage’s ultimate ability, Resurrection, can turn the tide of a match by reviving fallen teammates. Use it strategically to bring back key players and give your team a significant advantage in critical rounds.

Movement and Pathing

As Sage, prioritize your role as a support agent. Stay close to your teammates and provide healing as needed. When moving across the map, consider utilizing your Barrier Orb to create safe passages for your team or to block sightlines that may put you at a disadvantage.


Sage’s playstyle on Split revolves around healing and supporting her team. By mastering her abilities and using them strategically to control areas and provide sustain, Sage can ensure the success of her teammates and become a vital asset in securing victory.

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