Build, runes, synergies, counters, lore. Quinn is a swift marksman in League of Legends known for her agility, map mobility, and burst damage.

General Description

Quinn is a skilled Demacian ranger who thrives on hit-and-run tactics. She excels at quickly dispatching enemies and roaming across the map with her unique ability, Behind Enemy Lines. Quinn’s passive, Harrier, empowers her basic attacks, providing burst damage against marked targets. Her ultimate, Skystrike, transforms her into Valor, granting her increased mobility and a powerful ranged attack.

Quinn Build

Quinn typically builds items that enhance her attack damage and lethality. Items like Galeforce and Kraken Slayer are core to her build, providing increased burst damage and mobility. Quinn can also consider items like Phantom Dancer or Guardian Angel for additional attack speed and survivability.

Quinn Runes

In the rune tree, Quinn often takes Hail of Blades as her keystone, granting her increased attack speed for quick trades. For secondary runes, she can choose Precision for bonus attack damage or Domination for additional lethality. Runes like Eyeball Collection and Ravenous Hunter can further enhance her damage and sustain.

Quinn Synergies

Quinn synergizes well with champions who can engage or follow up on her burst damage, such as Leona or Jarvan IV. She also pairs effectively with supports who can provide crowd control or peel, like Thresh or Lulu. Quinn’s ability to roam and pressure multiple lanes makes her a valuable asset for compositions that prioritize map control.


Quinn can struggle against champions with strong sustain or those who can close the gap quickly, such as Darius or Irelia. Additionally, champions with crowd control or disengage abilities, like Janna or Maokai, can disrupt her combos and escape attempts. Proper vision control and awareness of the map are crucial for countering Quinn‘s attempts to roam.


Quinn and her loyal eagle, Valor, serve as elite operatives for Demacia. They undertake dangerous missions on the fringes of the kingdom, protecting it from external threats. Quinn’s dedication to her homeland and her unique bond with Valor make her a swift and deadly force on the battlefield.
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