🥳We are extremely excited to announce that the Pay-To-Enter Challenges with monetary prizes are now available for Challenger Project platform users❗ ❗ ❗

✨ It represents an important milestone in the development of the Challenger Project platform and a big step forward toward becoming the leading esports platform for casual players! 🏆 Our mission is to enable casual players to join the esports by participating in online esports competitions. We’re extremely happy to have the opportunity to continue providing new exciting features for the platform users. 🚀

Big thanks to the Challenger Project team! 👏 Your hard work has helped our company reach new heights. Proud to have a hardworking team like you😊 Keep it up!

🔥The very first pay-to-enter challenges with monetary prizes are on! Ready to pick up the gauntlet?

Links to the challenges below:

League of Legends challenge:

VALORANT challenge:

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