Agent, Map, Weapons, Abilities, Movement, Pathing. Embrace the shadows and manipulate the battlefield as Omen on the Bind map.

Omen Overview

Omen is a versatile Controller with the ability to manipulate teleportation and obscure vision. His kit allows him to disrupt enemy plans and create opportunities for his team, making him a valuable asset in both attack and defense.

Bind Overview

Bind is a map with two bombsites, A and B, connected by teleporters. It presents challenges with teleporter rooms, tight corridors, and open spaces. Omen’s abilities on Bind enable him to control vision and surprise enemies, making him a formidable force on this map.

Omen Recommended Weapons

When playing Omen on Bind, consider weapons that allow you to engage enemies at various ranges. The Phantom or Vandal can be versatile choices, providing accuracy and firepower. A sidearm like the Ghost can be reliable for precision shots, especially when navigating close-quarters situations.

Omen Abilities on Bind

Q – Shrouded Step: Shrouded Step allows Omen to teleport to a nearby location. Use it to gain unexpected angles, traverse the map efficiently, or escape from dangerous situations. Mastering Shrouded Step can make you a highly unpredictable presence on Bind.

E – Paranoia: Paranoia is a sonic pulse that passes through walls, impairing the vision and hearing of all enemies it touches. Utilize it to clear angles, disrupt enemy defenses, or support your team in coordinated pushes.

C – Dark Cover: Dark Cover enables Omen to deploy a smokescreen that obscures vision. Use it strategically to block sightlines, facilitate safe passage through key areas, or set up plays for yourself and your team.

X – From the Shadows: Omen’s ultimate ability, From the Shadows, allows him to teleport anywhere on the map. Use it to gather information, reposition for flanks, or execute surprise attacks on bombsites.

Movement and Pathing

As Omen, embrace a dynamic playstyle that takes advantage of your teleportation abilities. Utilize Shrouded Step and From the Shadows to reposition quickly, creating confusion among enemies. Communicate with your team to coordinate plays with your smokescreen and disrupt enemy plans effectively.


Omen’s playstyle on Bind revolves around manipulation and unpredictability. By mastering his teleportation abilities and using smokescreens strategically, Omen can control the flow of the game and create opportunities for his team to secure victories on the Bind map.

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