Abilities, Role, Tips and Tricks, Synergies, Counters, Lore. Neon is a Duelist agent in “Valorant” who brings speed and disruption to the battlefield.

General Description

Her abilities are designed to maximize mobility and disrupt enemy positions, making her a formidable force in aggressive plays and flanking maneuvers.

Neon Abilities

  • Q – Relay Bolt: Fires an electric bolt that damages enemies in its path and slows them down.
  • E – High Gear: Activates a burst of speed, allowing Neon to quickly dash in a chosen direction. She can use this ability twice before it goes on cooldown.
  • C – Fast Lane: Creates two vision-blocking walls that rise on both sides of where Neon throws the missile. Neon and her allies can use it to quickly move to a chosen location.
  • X – Overdrive: Her ultimate ability allows her to enter a state of heightened speed and agility, significantly increasing her movement speed, reload speed, and reducing her ability cooldowns.

Neon Role

Neon excels as a Duelist agent, specializing in aggressive flanking and disruption. Her abilities allow her to quickly close the gap, damage enemies, and create chaos among their ranks.

Neon Tips and Tricks

  • Use Relay Bolt to damage and slow down enemies, making it easier to engage or disengage from fights.
  • Master the timing of High Gear to quickly dash into advantageous positions, catch enemies off guard, or escape from dangerous situations.
  • Utilize Fast Lane to create opportunities for your team to rotate quickly or surprise enemies with unexpected flanks.
  • Strategically activate Overdrive to gain a significant boost in speed and agility. Combine it with your other abilities to overwhelm opponents and secure kills.


Neon synergizes well with agents who can complement her aggressive playstyle and capitalize on her disruptive abilities. Agents like Reyna or Phoenix, who excel in fragging and creating chaos, can create deadly combinations with Neon.


Neon can be countered by agents who have abilities that deny or limit her mobility. Agents like Sage or Viper, who can slow or create barriers, can impede Neon’s aggressive engagements and disrupt her flanking attempts.


Her recruitment into the VALORANT Protocol was facilitated by Chamber, and her true potential was revealed when her Surge Protector was removed, unlocking her powerful bioelectricity. Neon’s powers, enlaced with Earth’s radianite mesh, set her apart from other Radiants in the Protocol, making her a unique and formidable asset.

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