Build, runes, synergies, counters, lore. Neeko is a versatile mage and deceiver in League of Legends known for her shape-shifting abilities and crowd control.

General Description

Neeko is a chameleon from the magical forests of Ixtal who can take on the appearance of her allies. She excels at confusing and surprising her enemies with her deceptive abilities. Neeko’s passive, Inherent Glamour, allows her to temporarily take on the appearance of an allied champion. Her ultimate, Pop Blossom, sends her burrowing underground before exploding, stunning and damaging enemies in a large area, making her a game-changing team fighter.

Neeko Build

Neeko typically builds items that enhance her ability power, cooldown reduction, and burst damage. Items like Luden’s Tempest and Rabadon’s Deathcap are core to her build, providing her with increased damage and burst potential. Neeko can also consider items like Zhonya’s Hourglass or Banshee’s Veil for additional survivability.

Neeko Runes

In the rune tree, Neeko often runs Electrocute as her keystone, granting her burst damage in trades. For secondary runes, she can choose Sorcery for additional damage or Inspiration for utility. Runes like Cheap Shot and Ultimate Hunter can further enhance her burst damage and ultimate cooldown reduction.

Neeko Synergies

Neeko synergizes well with champions who can engage or set up her ultimate, such as Amumu or Leona. She also pairs well with champions who can protect her and provide crowd control, like Janna or Nami. Neeko’s ability to deceive and catch enemies off guard makes her a valuable asset for pick and team fight compositions.


Neeko can struggle against champions who can quickly burst her down or interrupt her ultimate, such as Zed or Yasuo. Additionally, champions with strong crowd control and area denial, like Anivia or Orianna, can make it challenging for Neeko to position effectively in fights. Proper use of her Inherent Glamour and Pop Blossom is crucial for Neeko to surprise and outplay her enemies in team fights.


Neeko is a chameleon from the magical forests of Ixtal who possesses the unique ability to take on the appearances of those she meets. She embarks on a journey beyond her home to learn more about the world and discover her true purpose. Neeko’s story is one of self-discovery, acceptance, and the power of embracing one’s true identity. In the world of League of Legends, appearances can be deceiving, and Neeko uses this to her advantage, both in combat and in life.
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