We’re not slowing down!

It’s time to move on with the next challenge co-organized with Lamiący Janek.

Join the challenge for a week starting today, play the game once and do your best. You have to achieve the best K/D/A using any champion on any lane.


This time – with prizes! The first 3 places will be rewarded:
1. 35 E Paysafecard code
2. 5 E Paysafecard code
3. 5 E Paysafecard code

If you’re keen on participating, you can learn more about the event terms & rules here.

We encourage you to try your skills in this awesome event.

There’s also a lot going on behind the scenes

Thank you for your feedback so far. We took your comments into account and continue working on the development of the website. We’re already looking forward to present the results of our work!


New stuff has already been implemented. Most important features are:

– No more beta – you’ll find us at https://challengerproject.gg/

– Waiting times in challenges removed – You’re able to play as soon as you join the challenge.

– Team challenges available – Play in random or premade teams to have even more fun.

– Many visual and UX fixes.


The database will no longer be deleted. If you have already had an account on beta, you have to create it again for the last time. Sorry again for the inconvenience.


If you have any questions or just want to chat about life, LoL, or anything else, you’re more than welcome to join our discord.

For more information on Challenger Project, please visit discover.challengerproject.gg

Late January hugs for all of you,

Challenger Project Staff

Sign up details



26.01.22 04:00 PM – 02.02.22 04:00 PM


Achieve the best K/D/A

Number of games required


Acceptable lanes

Any lane

Acceptable Champions

All Champions

Queue Type

Draft Pick, Blind Pick, Ranked Solo, Ranked Flex