Build, runes, synergies, counters, lore. Kindred is a marksman jungler in League of Legends known for their mobility, ranged attacks, and powerful ultimate ability.

General Description

Kindred is a duo consisting of Lamb and Wolf, who work together to mark and hunt down specific targets. Their passive ability, Mark of the Kindred, allows them to select champions or epic monsters as their prey. Kindred excels at kiting enemies and dealing sustained damage from a distance. Their ultimate, Lamb’s Respite, creates a zone of safety that prevents allies from dying, providing a crucial lifeline in team fights.

Kindred Build

Kindred typically builds items that enhance their attack speed, critical strike chance, and sustain. Items like Kraken Slayer and Blade of the Ruined King are core to their build, providing them with increased damage output and dueling potential. Kindred can also consider items like Runaan’s Hurricane or Guardian Angel for additional attack speed or survivability.

Kindred Runes

In the rune tree, Kindred often runs Press the Attack as their keystone, amplifying their damage against marked targets. For secondary runes, they can choose Precision for additional attack speed and damage or Domination for burst damage. Runes like Legend: Alacrity and Ravenous Hunter can further enhance their attack speed and sustain.

Kindred Synergies

Kindred synergizes well with champions who can provide crowd control or engage, such as Nautilus or Leona. They also pair well with champions who can protect them and provide utility, like Lulu or Janna. Kindred’s ultimate ability can complement aggressive initiations or provide a safety net for allies diving into the enemy team.


Kindred can struggle against champions who can burst them down quickly or deny their marks. Champions with strong burst damage and crowd control, like Syndra or Ahri, can pose a threat to Kindred. Additionally, champions who can invade their jungle and disrupt their marks, such as Lee Sin or Xin Zhao, can make it challenging for Kindred to secure objectives and scale.


Kindred represents the duality of death in the world of Runeterra. Lamb, the gentle guide, ensures a swift and painless end for those whose time has come. Wolf, the eternal hunter, chases down those who try to evade their fate. They mark individuals with their presence, signifying that death is near. Kindred is an enigmatic and haunting entity that appears in times of great significance to claim the souls of the departed.
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