Agent, Map, Weapons, Abilities, Movement, Pathing. Secure defensive control with ingenious gadgets as Killjoy on the Bind map.

Killjoy Overview

Killjoy is a Sentinel known for her strategic use of gadgets to control areas and lock down bombsites. Her kit is designed for defensive plays, making her an excellent choice for holding key positions and disrupting enemy advances.

Bind Overview

Bind is a map with two bombsites, A and B, connected by teleporters. It presents challenges with teleporter rooms, tight corridors, and open spaces. Killjoy’s gadgets on Bind allow her to fortify bombsites and control critical chokepoints effectively.

Killjoy Recommended Weapons

When playing Killjoy on Bind, consider weapons that complement her defensive playstyle. The Guardian or Spectre can be solid choices, offering accuracy and versatility for various engagements. Additionally, a sidearm like the Shorty can be effective in close-range encounters, providing a quick and reliable backup option.

Killjoy Abilities on Bind

Q – Nanoswarm: Nanoswarm is a deployable grenade that deals damage over time to enemies within its radius. Use it to deter enemy pushes, disrupt bomb plants, or control key areas like teleporters and chokepoints.

E – Alarmbot: Alarmbot is a deployable bot that hunts down enemies in its proximity, exploding and applying a debuff when it reaches them. Place it strategically to gain information on enemy movements, hold flanks, or disrupt pushes.

C – Turret: Turret is a deployable device that scans and shoots enemies within its line of sight. Position it to watch over bombsites, provide information on enemy positions, or cover blind spots during retakes.

X – Lockdown: Killjoy’s ultimate ability, Lockdown, is a powerful area-of-effect immobilizing field. Use it to disrupt enemy plans, secure a bombsite, or force opponents out of advantageous positions during critical rounds.

Movement and Pathing

As Killjoy, prioritize holding defensive positions and leveraging your gadgets to control key areas. Communicate with your team to coordinate the placement of Nanoswarm, Alarmbot, and Turret for maximum impact. Be adaptive in your positioning, using your utility to fortify bombsites and respond to enemy advances.


Killjoy’s playstyle on Bind centers around strategic gadget deployment and defensive control. By mastering the use of her gadgets, Killjoy can create formidable defenses, making it challenging for enemies to breach bombsites and securing victory for her team.

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