Build, runes, synergies, counters, lore. Kayle is a versatile champion in League of Legends known for her scaling power, ranged and melee hybrid attacks, and supportive abilities.

General Description

Kayle starts the game as a ranged champion and transitions into a melee powerhouse as she levels up her ultimate ability, Divine Judgement. As the game progresses, Kayle becomes a potent damage dealer with a mix of magic and physical damage. Her ultimate ability grants invulnerability to herself or an ally, turning the tide of battles and protecting key team members.

Kayle Build

Kayle typically builds items that enhance her attack speed, ability power, and survivability. Items like Nashor’s Tooth and Riftmaker are core to her build, providing her with increased attack speed and on-hit damage. Kayle can also consider items like Zhonya’s Hourglass or Rapid Firecannon for additional utility or range.

Kayle Runes

In the rune tree, Kayle often runs Press the Attack as her keystone, increasing her damage output and enabling her to shred enemy champions. She can also choose Lethal Tempo for increased attack speed or Fleet Footwork for sustain in the laning phase. In the secondary tree, Sorcery with Gathering Storm and Transcendence can provide scaling damage and cooldown reduction.

Kayle Synergies

Kayle synergizes well with champions who can provide crowd control or engage, such as Sejuani or Leona. She also pairs well with champions who can peel for her and protect her in team fights, like Lulu or Braum. Kayle’s ultimate ability allows her to enable aggressive engages or save allies from dangerous situations.


Kayle can struggle against champions who can bully her in the early laning phase and deny her farm, such as Darius or Renekton. Additionally, champions who can gap close and burst her down quickly, like Zed or Talon, can pose a threat. Kayle’s weak early game makes her vulnerable to aggressive champions who can shut her down before she reaches her late-game power spike.


Kayle is a righteous angelic warrior who fights for justice and order. She wields a powerful celestial sword and descends from the heavens to punish those who threaten the balance. Kayle is part of an ancient race known as the Ascended and is driven by a sense of duty to cleanse the world of evil. With her divine powers, she fights tirelessly to uphold righteousness and protect the weak.
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