Abilities, Role, Tips and Tricks, Synergies, Counters, Lore. Jett is a Duelist agent in “Valorant” who excels at mobility, agility, and precision in combat.

General Description

Her abilities allow her to dash quickly around the battlefield, evade enemy fire, and eliminate targets with swift precision.

Jett Abilities

  • Q – Cloudburst: Throws a cloud of smoke that obscures vision. Jett can also use this ability while in the air, allowing her to create unexpected smoke screens from above.
  • E – Updraft: Launches herself into the air, giving her the ability to reach elevated positions or evade enemy fire.
  • C – Tailwind: Dashes a short distance in the direction she is moving, allowing her to quickly reposition, escape danger, or engage enemies with surprise.
  • X – Blade Storm: Her ultimate ability equips her with throwing knives that deal significant damage and can be thrown with high precision. She can also collect knives from eliminated enemies, allowing her to maintain her arsenal.

Jett Role

Jett is a Duelist agent who specializes in aggressive playstyles and individual skill. Her abilities allow her to outmaneuver enemies, gain positional advantage, and quickly eliminate targets.

Tips and Tricks

  • Use Cloudburst to create smoke screens, either for cover when moving or to block enemy vision and create confusion during engagements.
  • Utilize Updraft to reach high vantage points, surprise enemies from above, or evade enemy fire when caught in a disadvantageous position.
  • Master the art of Tailwind dashing to quickly peek corners, engage enemies, or escape dangerous situations. Timing and unpredictability are key to its effectiveness.
  • With Blade Storm, aim for headshots to maximize damage. Collect knives from eliminated enemies to maintain your offensive capabilities throughout the round.


Jett works well with agents who can provide supportive utility or crowd control, such as Sage or Brimstone. She also synergizes with agents who can complement her aggressive playstyle, such as Phoenix or Reyna.


Jett can be countered by enemies who can effectively control her mobility or deny her aggressive plays, such as Cypher or Viper. Additionally, agents with strong aim and burst damage, like Raze or Jett herself, can present challenges for her duelist abilities.


Jett is a fearless and nimble duelist who seeks thrills and excels in high-stakes situations. Raised in South Korea, she gained fame as an esports prodigy before joining the Valorant protocol. Her acrobatic maneuvers and precision with knives have made her an icon among fans and a formidable opponent on the battlefield.
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