Build, runes, synergies, counters, lore. Janna is a support champion in League of Legends known for her exceptional ability to protect and empower her allies.

General Description

Janna is a wind elemental who harnesses the power of air to control the battlefield. She excels at shielding and healing her allies while disrupting enemy movements with gusts of wind. Janna’s primary role is to keep her teammates safe and provide them with the tools they need to succeed. With her unparalleled ability to disengage and peel for her team, she is a vital asset in team fights and crucial moments of the game.

Janna Build

Janna typically builds items that enhance her supportive capabilities and provide utility. Core items like Ardent Censer and Redemption amplify her healing and shielding effects, benefiting her team in fights. Janna can also consider items like Athene’s Unholy Grail or Mikael’s Crucible for additional utility and crowd control removal.

Janna Runes

In the rune tree, Janna often runs Summon Aery as her keystone, which synergizes with her shielding and poking abilities. She can also choose Guardian for extra protection or Arcane Comet for increased poke damage. In the secondary tree, Inspiration with Magical Footwear and Cosmic Insight can provide additional utility and cooldown reduction.

Janna Synergies

Janna synergizes well with marksmen and other hyper carries who benefit greatly from her protective abilities. Champions like Jinx or Vayne, who rely on consistent damage output and survivability, thrive when paired with Janna. She also pairs well with engage-oriented champions like Alistar or Malphite, as her disengage and crowd control can complement their initiation.


Janna can struggle against aggressive playstyles and champions that can bypass her defenses. Engage-heavy champions like Leona or Blitzcrank can catch Janna off-guard and quickly eliminate her or her allies. Additionally, champions with strong poke and range, such as Zyra or Vel’Koz, can make it difficult for Janna to maintain control over the lane.


Janna is an enigmatic wind spirit who roams the lands of Runeterra. She is known to protect the vulnerable and aid those in need. With no memory of her past, Janna dedicates herself to guiding and nurturing others. She is drawn to areas plagued by turmoil and chaos, using her powers to bring tranquility and restore balance to the world.
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