Abilities, Role, Tips and Tricks, Synergies, Counters, Lore. Harbor is a Controller agent in “Valorant” who excels at area denial and creating obstacles to hinder enemy movements.

General Description

Her abilities allow her to control the battlefield by creating barriers and blocking off key areas.

Harbor Abilities

  • Q – Barricade: Deploys a barricade that blocks enemy vision and movement. The barricade can be destroyed by enemies but provides temporary cover for Harbor and her teammates.
  • E – Smoke Screen: Releases a smoke screen that obscures vision and makes it difficult for enemies to see or aim accurately.
  • C – Obstruction: Throws an obstruction device that explodes and creates a temporary wall, blocking off pathways and creating obstacles for enemies.
  • X – Disorient: Her ultimate ability emits a powerful sound wave that disorients and impairs enemy vision, making it difficult for them to accurately shoot or use abilities.

Harbor Role

Harbor is a Controller agent who excels at controlling the flow of the game and denying enemy movement. Her abilities allow her to block off areas, obscure vision, and disorient enemies, making her an effective defender or attacker.

Tips and Tricks

  • Use Barricade to block off entrances, create barriers, or provide temporary cover for yourself and your teammates.
  • Deploy Smoke Screen strategically to obscure vision and create confusion among enemies. This can be useful for taking control of a site or for creating opportunities for your team to push or rotate.
  • Utilize Obstruction to block off pathways and create obstacles for enemies. This can disrupt their movement and force them into unfavorable positions.
  • Coordinate the use of your Disorient ultimate ability with your team’s push to disorient and impair enemy vision, making it difficult for them to defend or counter-attack.


Harbor works well with agents who can provide additional crowd control or utility, such as Omen or Brimstone. She also pairs well with agents who can capitalize on the barriers and obscured vision she creates, such as Jett or Phoenix.


Harbor can be countered by enemies who can easily destroy her barriers and smoke screens, such as Raze or Sova. To counter her, it is important to quickly remove her obstacles and use abilities that can reveal or bypass her defenses.


Harbor is a former architect who turned to the Valorant protocol to utilize her expertise in manipulating spaces and creating defensive structures. Her ability to strategically obstruct and control areas has made her an invaluable asset in the fight against the enemy. Despite her stoic demeanor, Harbor is driven by a deep sense of duty to protect her team and ensure victory.

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