Abilities, Role, Tips and Tricks, Synergies, Counters, Lore. Gekko is a Sentinel agent in “Valorant” who excels at defending sites and providing utility to support the team.

General Description

His abilities allow him to deploy various defensive tools and hinder enemy movements.

Gekko Abilities

  • Q – Barrier Wall: Deploys a wall that blocks enemy vision and movement. The wall can be destroyed by enemies but provides temporary cover for Gekko and his teammates.
  • E – Tripwire: Sets a tripwire trap that reveals and slows enemies who cross its path. The tripwire can be hidden and difficult for enemies to spot.
  • C – Surveillance Drone: Deploys a drone that can be controlled remotely to gather information and tag enemies.
  • X – Fortress: His ultimate ability fortifies his position, providing temporary invulnerability and increased fire rate to himself and nearby allies.

Gekko Role

Gekko is a Sentinel agent who excels at defending sites and providing utility for his team. His abilities allow him to fortify areas, gather information, and hinder enemy movements.

Tips and Tricks

  • Use Barrier Wall to block off entrances, create chokepoints, or provide temporary cover for yourself and your teammates.
  • Place Tripwire traps in strategic locations to reveal and slow down enemies, giving you an advantage in gunfights and defending the site.
  • Use the Surveillance Drone to gather information on enemy movements and tag enemies for your team to see.
  • Coordinate the use of your Fortress ultimate ability with your teammates to secure important areas or to withstand enemy pushes.


Gekko works well with agents who can provide additional utility and crowd control, such as Cypher or Brimstone. He also pairs well with agents who can cover his weaknesses and provide area denial, such as Viper or Killjoy.


Gekko can be countered by enemies who can easily destroy his barriers and traps, such as Raze or Phoenix. To counter him, it is important to quickly destroy his defensive tools and to use abilities that can bypass his defenses.


Gekko is a skilled engineer who joined the Valorant protocol to put his talents to use in the fight against the enemy. He is known for his ingenuity in creating defensive tools and fortifications that give his team the upper hand. Despite his quiet and reserved demeanor, Gekko’s dedication to protecting his allies is unwavering.
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