Abilities, Role, Tips and Tricks, Synergies, Counters, Lore. Fade is a Controller agent in “Valorant” who excels at creating zones of control and manipulating the battlefield with her abilities.

General Description

Her abilities allow her to block off areas, slow down enemies, and damage them over time.

Fade Abilities

  • Q – Null Zone: Creates a large zone that nullifies all enemy abilities within it. Enemies caught in the zone take damage over time.
  • E – Erosion: Fires a projectile that creates a line of acid on the ground, slowing and damaging enemies who walk through it.
  • C – Gas Canister: Throws a gas canister that releases a cloud of gas that obscures vision and slows down enemies who pass through it.
  • X – Corrosion: Her ultimate ability allows her to create a massive cloud of acid that covers a large area and deals massive damage over time to enemies caught inside.

Fade Role

Fade is a Controller agent who excels at creating zones of control and manipulating the battlefield. Her abilities allow her to block off areas and slow down enemies, making her an effective defender or attacker.

Tips and Tricks

  • Use Null Zone to prevent enemies from using their abilities and to deal damage over time to them.
  • Use Erosion to slow down and damage enemies, forcing them to take alternate routes or giving your team an advantage in a gunfight.
  • Use Gas Canister to obscure vision and slow down enemies, allowing you to control their movement and pick them off one by one.
  • Use Corrosion to deal massive damage to enemies caught in its area of effect, forcing them to retreat or risk dying.


Fade works well with agents who can provide additional crowd control or utility, such as Viper or Brimstone. She also pairs well with agents who can protect her and cover her weaknesses, such as Cypher or Sage.


Fade can struggle against enemies who can quickly move through her zones of control, such as Jett or Omen. To counter her, it is important to move quickly and disrupt her ability usage with flashes or smokes.


Fade is a former chemist who became disillusioned with the corporate world and turned to a life of crime. She uses her knowledge of chemistry to create deadly acids and gases that she uses to control the battlefield. Despite her criminal past, she was recruited by the Valorant organization for her unique skills and has since become one of their most effective agents.
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