Build, runes, synergies, counters, lore. Evelynn is a jungler in “League of Legends” known for her stealthy gameplay and burst damage.

General Description

Evelynn is a jungler in “League of Legends” known for her stealthy gameplay and burst damage. She has the ability to become invisible to enemy champions, allowing her to ambush and eliminate unsuspecting targets. Evelynn’s ultimate ability also grants her additional mobility and damage output, making her a potent assassin in the game.

Evelynn Build

Evelynn benefits from items that increase her ability power and magic penetration, such as Luden’s Tempest or Void Staff. She can also opt for items that provide additional survivability, such as Zhonya’s Hourglass or Banshee’s Veil.

Evelynn Runes

In the rune tree, Evelynn typically runs Electrocute or Dark Harvest for more damage output. She can also choose to run Conqueror for sustained damage in extended fights.

Evelynn Synergies

Evelynn works well with allies who can provide additional crowd control or engage, such as Malphite or Thresh. She also pairs well with allies who can protect her and peel for her, such as Lulu or Janna.


Evelynn can struggle against enemies who have strong crowd control or can reveal her when she is invisible, such as Lee Sin or Warwick. To counter her, it is important to maintain vision control and to focus on disrupting her burst damage output.


Evelynn is a demon who preys upon the inhabitants of the city of Noxus. She revels in the pain and suffering of others and delights in luring her victims into dark corners before attacking them. Despite her wicked nature, Evelynn is often sought after by those who seek to harness her power, and she uses this to her advantage to manipulate and control those around her.
Evelynn’s true form is that of a demon, but she has the ability to shape-shift into a seductive human form, using it to lure her prey into a false sense of security. She is feared throughout the city of Noxus, as few are able to escape her grasp once she has set her sights on them. Her powers are fueled by the pain and suffering of others, and she is always searching for new victims to torment.
Despite her demonic nature, Evelynn has formed a connection with a human named Kai’Sa, who she sees as a kindred spirit. Kai’Sa was also transformed by the void, and she understands the pain and isolation that Evelynn feels as a result of her powers. The two have formed an unlikely friendship, with Evelynn even going so far as to warn Kai’Sa of potential dangers in their shared city.

Playing Evelynn

When playing Evelynn, it is important to make use of her stealthy gameplay to catch enemies off-guard. Her passive ability, Demon Shade, allows her to become invisible when out of combat, giving her the element of surprise when approaching enemies. Her Q ability, Hate Spike, is a spammable ability that deals magic damage to enemies in a cone in front of her, making it a powerful tool for clearing jungle camps and harassing enemies.
Evelynn’s W ability, Allure, is a charm ability that she can use to seduce an enemy champion, slowing them and eventually causing them to walk towards her. This ability can be used to set up ganks or to separate an enemy from their team in team fights.

Her E ability, Whiplash, is a dash that deals physical damage to the first enemy hit. This ability can be used to reposition in fights or to finish off low-health enemies.

Finally, Evelynn’s ultimate ability, Last Caress, is a powerful burst ability that deals magic damage to all enemies in a large area around her. It also grants her a significant movement speed boost, allowing her to escape dangerous situations or chase down fleeing enemies.

Overall, Evelynn is a high-risk, high-reward champion who excels at taking down vulnerable targets. Her stealthy gameplay and burst damage make her a potent assassin, but players must be careful to avoid revealing themselves and getting caught out by enemy champions.

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