Abilities, Role, Tips and Tricks, Synergies, Counters, Lore. Cypher is a controller agent in “Valorant” who specializes in gathering information and setting up traps to catch enemies off guard.

General Description

He can also use his abilities to temporarily incapacitate enemies and deny their movements.

Cypher Abilities

  • Q – Cyber Cage: Deploys a trap that slows and reveals enemies that pass through it.
  • E – Spy Camera: Places a camera that can be used to gather information and tag enemies for a short duration.
  • C – Trapwire: Sets a tripwire trap that temporarily immobilizes enemies and reveals their location.
  • X – Neural Theft: His ultimate ability allows him to extract information from a dead enemy player, revealing the location of all living enemies for a short duration.

Cypher Role

Cypher is a controller agent who excels at gathering information and setting up traps to control enemy movements. His abilities allow him to gather intel, set up ambushes, and hold down areas of the map.

Tips and Tricks

  • Use Cyber Cage to slow down enemies and catch them off guard.
  • Use Spy Camera to gather information on enemy movements and to tag enemies for your team to see.
  • Use Trapwire to immobilize enemies and reveal their location, or to set up traps to catch them off guard.
  • Use Neural Theft to gain valuable information on enemy locations and movements.


Cypher works well with agents who can provide additional utility and crowd control, such as Sage or Brimstone. He also pairs well with agents who can cover his weaknesses and provide additional firepower, such as Phoenix or Jett.


Cypher can struggle against enemies who can easily bypass his traps and gather information on his team, such as Sova or Omen. To counter him, it is important to stay unpredictable and to use abilities to disrupt his traps and movements.


Cypher is a former spy who now uses his skills to gather intel and control the battlefield in the world of “Valorant.” He is a stoic and secretive figure, with little known about his past or his motivations.
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