Secure wins for your team and earn LP with massive crowd control abilities!



Time to celebrate the release of a large part of the work! We’d be delighted if you checked out support Nautilius guide created by Lamiący Janek. What can you find inside?

  • Champion strengths and weaknesses,
  • skill descriptions,
  • summoner spells suggestions,
  • dedicated item guide,
  • champion synergies and counters,
  • advanced gameplay tips,
  • two situational rune setups.

All based on conclusions from computer analysis and expert knowledge! Our AI analyzes data from thousands upon thousands of ranked games to determine what are the best behaviors in most impactful parts of the game so you know what to do every step of the way. Skill boost guaranteed!

All this AI knowledge is now available to you as well!



Make use of a piece of knowledge and gain adventage over your opponents:

  • analyze tier list to find out which champions are the most effective in the current meta game,
  • counterpick opponent on your lane with suggested picks to maximize your chance of winning early game,
  • adapt to your teams needs and enemy champion lineup with additional item recommendations,
  • learn about the most useful summoner spells,
  • win games with AI – unique tips about roaming, splitting, farming and taking fights based on data analysis.

Remember to check most important skills list. You should focus on them throughout the whole match. With our support you never get lost anymore.


Hope you’ll have a lot of fun checking out your favorite heroes,

See you around!


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