Agent, Map, Weapons, Abilities, Movement, Pathing. Rain down fiery devastation and lead your team to victory as Brimstone on the Haven map.

Brimstone Overview

Brimstone is a stalwart Controller with the ability to deliver powerful area-of-effect strikes and provide significant support for his team. His toolkit is centered around controlling the battlefield and dictating the flow of engagements.

Haven Overview

Haven is a unique map with three bombsites, A, B, and C, offering diverse strategic possibilities. It features multiple chokepoints and open areas. Brimstone’s abilities on Haven allow him to establish control over crucial zones and support his team’s offensive and defensive efforts effectively.

Brimstone Recommended Weapons

When playing Brimstone on Haven, choose weapons that complement his supportive playstyle. The Guardian or Phantom can be effective choices, offering accuracy and versatility in various combat scenarios. A sidearm like the Classic can provide reliable backup for close-quarters encounters or as a secondary option.

Brimstone Abilities on Haven

Q – Stim Beacon: Stim Beacon is a deployable device that increases fire rate for all players within its radius. Use it to boost your team’s firepower during crucial engagements or to gain an advantage in defensive situations.

E – Incendiary: Incendiary is a grenade that creates a lingering fire zone upon impact. Use it to deny enemy pushes, control chokepoints, or force opponents out of defensive positions, creating openings for your team to capitalize on.

C – Sky Smoke: Sky Smoke allows Brimstone to deploy smoke screens across the map. Master the placement of these smokes to block enemy sightlines, execute strategic plays, or provide cover for your team’s movements during both offensive and defensive rounds.

X – Orbital Strike: Brimstone’s ultimate ability, Orbital Strike, is a devastating laser airstrike that deals damage over a designated area. Use it to clear out entrenched enemies, disrupt enemy setups, or deny bomb plants during critical rounds.

Movement and Pathing

As Brimstone, focus on providing support for your team by controlling key areas with your abilities. Use Stim Beacon to boost your team’s firepower during critical moments and Incendiary to deny enemy advances. Strategically deploy Sky Smoke to manipulate enemy vision and create opportunities for your team to make plays.


Brimstone’s playstyle on Haven revolves around providing support and controlling the battlefield. By mastering his abilities to boost firepower, deny enemy advances, and manipulate sightlines, Brimstone can lead his team to victory, securing control over the Haven map.

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