Agent, Map, Weapons, Abilities, Movement, Pathing. Unleash seismic disruption and control the battlefield as Breach on the Bind map.

Breach Overview

Breach is an Initiator focused on disrupting enemy positions with powerful crowd control abilities. His kit is designed to breach through defenses and create openings for his team, making him an invaluable asset in coordinated plays.

Bind Overview

Bind is a map with two bombsites, A and B, connected by teleporters. It features tight corridors, teleporter rooms, and open spaces. Breach’s abilities find great utility on Bind, where his disruptive power can be used to clear angles and control key areas effectively.

Breach Recommended Weapons

When playing Breach on Bind, consider weapons that complement his supportive playstyle. The Phantom or Vandal can provide the versatility needed for engaging enemies at various ranges. Additionally, a sidearm like the Classic can be reliable for close-quarter encounters or when conserving ammunition.

Breach Abilities on Bind

Q – Aftershock: Aftershock sends a seismic blast through walls, clearing out entrenched enemies. Use it to force opponents out of hiding spots or disrupt defensive setups on bombsites.

E – Flashpoint: Flashpoint is a blinding charge that can be strategically used to clear angles or blind enemies holding defensive positions. Master its angles to catch opponents off guard and create opportunities for your team.

C – Fault Line: Fault Line is a ground-shaking ability that disorients and stuns enemies in its path. Utilize it to disrupt enemy pushes or initiate coordinated team plays by incapacitating opponents.

X – Rolling Thunder: Breach’s ultimate, Rolling Thunder, sends a cascading seismic charge that disorients and knocks up enemies in its radius. It’s a game-changing ability that can turn the tide of team fights or secure critical moments in rounds.

Movement and Pathing

As Breach, prioritize supporting your team by disrupting enemy positions and creating openings. Use your abilities strategically to initiate pushes or defend against enemy advances. Communicate with your team to coordinate plays, and be mindful of potential enemy positions as you move across the map.


Breach’s playstyle on Bind revolves around disruption and control. By utilizing his seismic abilities effectively and coordinating with the team, Breach can create opportunities for success and become a pivotal force in securing victories on the Bind map.

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