Agent, Map, Weapons, Abilities, Movement, Pathing. Unleash seismic disruption and control the battlefield as Breach on the Haven map.

Breach Overview

Breach is a powerful Initiator capable of disrupting enemy positions and controlling engagements with his seismic abilities. His toolkit is designed to create chaos, making him a pivotal force in breaking through enemy defenses.

Haven Overview

Haven is a unique map with three bombsites, A, B, and C, providing a variety of attack and defense strategies. It features multiple chokepoints and open areas. Breach’s abilities on Haven allow him to dominate these zones and disrupt enemy plans effectively.

Breach Recommended Weapons

When playing Breach on Haven, opt for weapons that complement his ability to control engagements. The Bulldog or Phantom can be effective choices, offering versatility in various combat scenarios. Consider a sidearm like the Frenzy for close-quarters encounters or as a backup option.

Breach Abilities on Haven

Q – Aftershock: Aftershock is a seismic charge that damages and disrupts enemies within its radius. Use it to clear common hiding spots, force opponents out of defensive positions, or disrupt enemy plans during critical moments.

E – Flashpoint: Flashpoint is a blinding charge that can pass through walls. Master its angles to blind enemies and initiate aggressive pushes, catching opponents off guard and creating opportunities for eliminations.

C – Fault Line: Fault Line is a seismic wave that travels through the ground, concussing and disrupting enemies in its path. Use it to control chokepoints, disrupt enemy pushes, or initiate coordinated team plays with its powerful crowd control effect.

X – Rolling Thunder: Breach’s ultimate ability, Rolling Thunder, is a massive seismic pulse that disorients and knocks up enemies in its area of effect. Use it to initiate team fights, break through entrenched defenses, or disrupt enemy plans during crucial rounds.

Movement and Pathing

As Breach, focus on controlling key areas of the map and disrupting enemy positions. Use Aftershock and Fault Line strategically to create chaos in chokepoints, allowing your team to push with an advantage. Coordinate with your team to capitalize on the openings created by your disruptive abilities and use Flashpoint to initiate aggressive plays.


Breach’s playstyle on Haven revolves around seismic disruption and controlling engagements. By mastering his disruptive abilities and creating chaos in key areas, Breach can be the catalyst for successful team plays, breaking through enemy defenses and securing victory on the Haven map.

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