Build, runes, synergies, counters, lore. Braum is a support champion in the popular game “League of Legends.” He is known for his strong defensive abilities and the ability to protect his allies from enemy attacks.

General Description

Braum is a tanky support who can protect his allies with his powerful defensive abilities. He is capable of blocking incoming attacks and crowd controlling enemies with his passive, Concussive Blows, and his ability, Glacial Fissure. He can also provide decent damage output in fights with his abilities.

Braum Build

Braum benefits from items that increase his health and armor, such as Sunfire Cape or Randuin’s Omen. He can also opt for items that provide additional crowd control, such as Zeke’s Convergence or Knight’s Vow.

Braum Runes

In the rune tree, Braum can run Resolve for more defensive options or Inspiration for more utility. He can also choose Guardian as his keystone for more protection for his allies.

Braum Synergies

Braum works well with allies who can follow up on his crowd control, such as Jinx or Draven. He also pairs well with allies who can provide additional protection, such as Lulu or Janna.


Braum can struggle against enemies who can poke from range or outrun his crowd control. To counter him, it is important to engage him from a safe distance and to prioritize targets who are not affected by his crowd control.


Braum is a kind and gentle giant from the frozen tundras of Freljord. He was once a simple goat herder, but after saving a young woman from a pack of wolves, he became a protector of the people of his land. He is known for his legendary shield, which he uses to protect his allies in battle.


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