Build, runes, synergies, counters, lore. Brand is a powerful mage champion in the popular game “League of Legends.” He uses his fiery abilities to deal heavy damage to multiple enemies at once.

General Description

Brand is a high damage dealer who excels at dealing AOE damage. He is capable of dealing significant damage to multiple enemies with his abilities, especially when his passive, “Blaze,” is triggered. He also has strong crowd control abilities and can provide decent burst damage in fights.

Brand Build

Brand benefits from items that increase his ability power, such as Morellonomicon or Deathcap. He can also opt for items that provide additional mana and cooldown reduction, such as Luden’s Echo or Seraph’s Embrace.

Brand Runes

In the rune tree, Brand can run Sorcery for more damage or Inspiration for more utility. He can also choose Conqueror as his keystone for more sustained damage in fights.

Brand Synergies

Brand works well with allies who can set up his abilities, such as Nautilus or Alistar. He also pairs well with allies who can follow up on his crowd control, such as Jax or LeBlanc.


Brand can struggle against enemies who can dodge his abilities or outrange him. To counter him, it is important to spread out in fights to reduce the effectiveness of his AOE damage, and to engage him from a safe distance.


Brand is a being of living fire, born from the heart of an ancient dragon. He uses his immense power to defend those who cannot defend themselves, and to bring about a world of burning justice.


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